Iuste Iudex Ihesu Christe - MS Hunter 30

Pardon the dust - but things have been moving behind the scenes!

Hunter 30's non-notated musical section has posed some interesting questions for us, but we've now successfully reconstructed it fully, music and all! One source with the same text was found - over in Laon, France, in their Bibliothéque municipale. MS 263 contains nearly all of the text from Hunter 30, barring 4 verses.

These 4 verses have been troublesome, as Laon 263 varies its music each time a verse comes around. So we've boiled it down to the most common musical elements in each verse, and applied this to the 4 verses that Hunter 30 appears to give as uniquely. This transcription is available on Hunter 30's page here, and notes on the methods used will appear soon alongside it.