Work in progress!

Well the site is finally live, after a month of on-and-off tinkering, domain-sorting, and prepping for image hosting. We're still lacking any images (as you might have noticed), but that will soon be sorted once we get the go-ahead from the University of Glasgow to publish them on this website. Of course, we couldn't do that without a stable URL, and a relatively usable website to begin with, hence the tardiness and white pages at the moment.

In other news, work continues in terms of transcribing and sourcing the music found in the Glasgow sources, and transcriptions should soon be appearing on the site and Twitter feed. A trip to St Andrews is soon to occur as well (technical issues on both sides forced this to be pushed into the new year, but such is life). Tomorrow I'll be taking the last of the images needed for the Glasgow sources - .tiff files are fantastically detailed, but even then some clarity has been lost for MS Hunter 36's music, so in I will go with a borrowed camera!